I’m a Storyteller

Just ask my husband. Apparently I tell him the same stories over and over again without realizing. We’ve been married for seven years now. That’s a lot of time spent with me and my stories. So, I sought an additional outlet to express myself. Welcome!

I love talking about my family and telling stories about my childhood. I thrive off of the hilarious and warm memories that have made me who I am. I think we all long to be seen, heard, and understood to some capacity. Sharing pieces of our lives that are both pivotal in our growth as well as seemingly insignificant yet powerful is beautiful and necessary for humanity. We are different yet all the same, seeking camaraderie and connection as we experience this miracle of life.

My initial intention when starting this blog a few years ago was to share the funny and happy memories of my childhood. Unfortunately, but also such is life, I have experienced much trauma and loss in my early adult years. My stories seem to be getting more and more sad. I’ve learned that recalling some of the most difficult experiences in my life thus far has helped me to process the trauma. And, in turn, have helped other souls as well.

I’ve been told that I am brave for sharing this trauma. Brave doesn’t feel like the right word for me. Real seems to suit my intentions better. I do not sugar coat what is difficult. I, personally, need to process all of the real and raw emotions that come with trauma as well as any other experience. So that’s what you will find here… real experiences.

This will be an open journal of a collection of stories about my childhood (Sicilian upbringing hence the name “Little Sicilian Memoirs”), the loss of my dad, grandparents, and multiple pregnancies, as well as the wonderful new and old memories of my husband, friends, and adventures. We all have a story. I’m learning to accept the story that I have been given, to take each day, each moment at a time, and to have the courage to keep going while doing the best I can to find peace and joy in this life.

“Life is an evolution. Your life is constantly, quietly evolving each moment into something new, something different, something that adds gracefully, beautifully, and perfectly to what was.” – Anonymous

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